For a complete description of TBPA's Standing Committees, please check out this page.


Committee Chair:  Yvonne DeAntoneo

Email:  president@tbpa.org


Committee Chair: Frank J. Steinbeck, Jr., FRP

Email:                  Treasurer@tbpa.org 


Committee Chair:    Irene Hahn, CRP
Email:                      certification@tbpa.org

Employment/Job Bank

Committee Chair: Mickey Reigger, CP

Email:  jobs@tbpa.org

FAPA Liaison

FAPA Delegate:         Emily A. Merlin, CP
Email:                        FAPALiaison@tbpa.org

Luncheon/Monthly CLE

Committee Chair:  Emily A. Merlin, CP

(Interim Coordinator)
Email:                    monthlycle@tbpa.org

NFPA Delegates

NFPA Primary:        Yvonne DeAntoneo

Email: President@tbpa.org

NFPA Secondary:   Melissa J. Cook, FRP

Email: PresidentElect@tbpa.org

Pro Bono

Committee Chair: Lance Cochran LaFleur, FRP

Email:                   ProBono@tbpa.org

Continuing Education/Seminar (CLE)

Committee Chair: Valerie Cisco, FRP

Email:                      seminar@tbpa.org


Committee Chair: Emily A. Merlin, CP

Email:                   webmaster@tbpa.org

Bar Liaison/State & National Affairs

Committee Chair:   Katie K. Turley, CP

Email:                     Email

Bylaws & Standing Rules

Committee Chair:    Melissa J. Cook, FRP

Email:                   ByLawsRules@tbpa.org   

Charity/Community Service

Committee Chair:    Lance Cochran LaFleur, FRP

Email:                   CommunityService@tbpa.org

Education/Professional Development/Mentor

Committee Chair:  Irene Hahn, CRP

Email:                    EducationMentor@tbpa.org 



Committee Chair:    Emily A, Merlin, CP

Email: membership@tbpa.org

NALA Liaison

Committee Chair: Emily A. Merlin, CP

Email:                  NALALiaison@tbpa.org


Committee Chair: Carrie Tonski, FRP

Email:             Elections@tbpa.org


Committee Chair:   Melissa J. Cook, FRP
Email:        parliamentarian@tbpa.org     



Committee Chair:   Irene Hahn, CRP
Email:                     certification@tbpa.org


TBPA is a voluntary professional association and does not make any representation, endorsement or guarantee as to the quality, reliability, competency, accuracy, business practice/standards/ethics, or professionalism of any member of TBPA.  TBPA does not conduct background checks or any other form of due diligence on any person or business applying for membership with TBPA.


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