NALA Affiliated Associations are state and local paralegal associations that have chosen to become a part of the national network. Just like the national organization, NALA Affiliated Associations are composed of volunteer paralegals working everyday to advance the paralegal profession.

About NALA

NALA'S mission is to provide continuing education and professional development programs to all paralegals. NALA provides current information about the profession, continuing education materials and seminars, networking opportunities, professional certification programs, occupational survey findings and manuals to help paralegals excel in the workplace.

NALA is a non-profit organization, representing over 18,000 paralegals, who are individual members or members of NALA affiliated associations.

TBPA is an Affiliate Association of NALA.  If you are interested in becoming an individual member of NALA, visit their website for more information and a membership application. 

NALA Benefits for Active Members of NALA


Webinars are a fast, convenient and 

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   1.0 hour webinars: $45 for Members and $65 for Nonmembers

   1.5 hour webinars: $45 for Members and $65 for Nonmembers

   2.0 hour webinars: $55 for Members and $75 for Nonmembers

If you have an Active Membership type, you may use your $80 gift cert-

ificate toward these webinars. 

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Clarity in Your Writing

January 31 | 10:00am CT |  CLE Hours: 1.0

This session will review some basic writing strategies to make your writing

clear, concise, and effective.  The session will also offer suggestions for

proofreading and editing your work and the work of others.

Collection Law: The Good, the Bad, & the Profitable

February 13 l 12:00pm CT l CLE Hours: 1.5

When your firm obtains a judgment, do you know what comes next?

Learn the fundamentals of collection law in this basic to intermediate level

course which will discuss the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, what you

should be doing before you obtain a judgment, and what remedies are

available to enforce a judgment including debtor’s exams, wage and bank garnishments, and writs of execution.  You will even get some skip-tracing

tips on where you can find valuable information.

Ethics & Technology in the Workplace

February 22 l 12:00pm CT l CLE Hours: 1.5

Technology has become an essential part of a modern law practice. It is

commonly used to do everyday tasks such as sending communication to

clients and opposing counsel, receiving, sending, and storing client

documents, and even filing documents with the courts. In the digital age we

now live and work in, it is more important than ever to understand how

technology should be used competently per the Rules of Professional

Conduct and know what safe guards should be in place to protect client


The Attorney Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine

March 5 l 11:00am CT l CLE Hours: 2.0

Various causes of wrongful convictions will be discussed showing how each

cause can be linked back to some sort of bias. Various cases will be used 

during the presentation to demonstrate this.

Child Custody

March 20 l 10:00am CT l CLE Hours: 1.0

Physicians and surgeons are critical assets in medical litigation, and the task

of securing them as expert witnesses is often completed by a paralegal. 

Successful paralegals must know how to proactively screen and manage 

expert witnesses while avoiding critical points of failure. During this webinar,

Dr. Bentley provides actionable insight into the expert witness relationship

including targeted advice for selection, vetting, retention, fees, and 

communication. He will also review the fundamentals of medical negligence

(breach, harm, and causation) and discuss strategies for identifying experts

to lock down each critical element. Dr. Bentley will provide an overview of 

medical specialties and highlight tips for considering alternative specialties, 

or even combining specialties, when securing the ideal expert for each case.

He will also elaborate on preparing expert witnesses for deposition and trial,

as this step is crucial to the overall outcome of each case. The scope of the

lecture is predicated on the fact that when paralegals and experts align constructively, legal teams maximize their potential for efficiency, cost-saving

and success.

Justice on the Reservation: Access to Justice in Indian Country

March 29 l 11:00am CT l CLE Hours: 1.0 

In sovereign Indian nations throughout the US, there’s a severe lawyer

shortage and nonlawyer tribal advocates representing clients in tribal courts.

Some of these advocates are caring and skilled; others do more harm than

good.  Many citizens of these nations can’t even access tribal advocates

and desperately reach out to court personnel for assistance.  This session

describes the severity of the access to justice crisis in Indian country and

explores the roles paralegals might play in alleviating the crisis. For all

levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Utilizing Revocable Trusts in Estate Planning

May 21 l 11:00am CT l CLE Hours: 1.0

During this session we will discuss distinguishing between typical uses of

Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts; recognizing common scenarios where

Revocable Trust Planning is utilized; and identifying common clauses and

elements of a Revocable Trust Agreement.

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TBPA is a voluntary professional association and does not make any representation, endorsement or guarantee as to the quality, reliability, competency, accuracy, business practice/standards/ethics, or professionalism of any member of TBPA.  TBPA does not conduct background checks or any other form of due diligence on any person or business applying for membership with TBPA.


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