Court Reporters


Contact Orange Legal via Madison Sneed by phone at: (800) 727-7007 or (859) 537-3673 or by email at: 

Contact Susan Riesdorph via or  886-258-8963. 


Contact Brian Ruiz at or 813-803-8233


315 E. Robinson St., Suite 510 401 E. Jackson St., Suite 2370

Orlando, FL 32801 Tampa, FL 33602

Evelyn Quintana Allison Jackson

(407) 219-5616  (407) 325-2289

Contact:  Ana Carroll, Regional Account Manager

800-333-2082 X-573




Contact Sean Reed at
Sr. Editor, Paralegal EDU


Law Firms



Contact Howard Iken, Esquire via or 727-844-7676

Contact Maddison Gudgel at or 727-799-3900


Investigation, Service, Surveillance, Technology



Contact:  Steve Bennett

Bolter & Carr Investigations

Contact: Tim O'Rourke

The Grafton Group

(813) 658-9438 | (727) 648-3510
(954) 353-8904 | (407) 374-8721





 Contact Scott Kamp

SLK Investigations 


Trial Consulting Services, Inc.

Russell Wills -


Serve Legal Process

Contact: Skip Thomas

Serve Legal Process, Inc.



Contact: Brandon Rodriguez

TRGT Legal 

Contact: William Roach

ExhibitView Solutions, LLC



 Image result for infomedia trial solutions 

Contact: Greg Raines

Infomedia Trial Solutions 


Contact: Joel Freedman

The Legal Video Team



Contact: Karina De La Cruz

Language PickUp


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Contact: Deri Diaz

Florida Forensic Engineering


Corporate Filing & Registered Agent Services

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Join the thousands of companies that came to expect more from their registered agent. Service and Technology developed for your needs.

 Contact: James Crawford

Sunshine Corporate Filings

Contact Anne Richardson @

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC
Tel: 813-575-1161

Executive Suites and Meeting Space Services

Contact: Katelyn Dougherty, Director of Operations

1550 W. Cleveland St., Tampa, FL 33606

Office: (813) 335-1634


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Contact Kim Ainsworth at

Infinity Talent Solutions, LLC 

Office:  (813) 532-2594

Contact: Debra Jo Vickery at

or  Debra Matias at

The Legal Registry

1550 W Cleveland St., Tampa, FL 33606

Office: (813) 835-1100


Contact:  Matt Peters at

Matt Peters, Recruiter

JP Media Inc.
Office: (203) 406-7197



Research, E-Support

Contact John Rosteck, JD at or at (303) 726-2863alt

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